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Planning, design & construction

Websites today are more than just a few graphics plunked on a page. A good website requires a lot strategic planning, follow through on implementation and good communication between the customer and designer to make sure everything that should be there, is and that the site achieves the goals originally set out to accomplish. Also, new techniques and standards are ever changing. It is also important to try to achieve a website that is built using the current standards and use these techniques so your site is not outdated by the time it's posted.


It is inevitable that content for your site will change over time. Updating and editing this content is also important to have a site that people will want to come back to.


Consulting and file prep

Printing comes in so many forms these days from offset to digital to large format to dyesublimation. With all these processes available, you want to make sure your files are built correctly and carry the right characteristics for the intended purpose.

Design and construction

Let me have an opportunity to design your next print project. Whether it's posters, brochures, CD covers, signs, banners, or anything else you can dream up. Experience in designing many different formats of print products coupled with my expertise in colour will surely leave your project with smashing results. Working with you to arrive at your desired goal is my goal.

Image manipulation


The difference between an award winning photo and a ho hum photo could be as little as proper tonal and color correction. With so many varibles in digital photography, precise post editing is crucial to maximizing the full potential of most shots. This becomes even more important when reproducing images in some form of printing process. Years, and I mean many, of experience has taught me countless ways on how to achieve these goals to set your images above the rest. Professional level correction guaranteed!


The artistry continues with Photoshop compositing, retouching and creation. Sometimes coming up with a vision is the easy part. Yeah, ok, maybe not always, but sometimes. Making it happen before your eyes is another thing. Having it look believable is yet another. With the power of Photoshop and an experienced user at the helm, these visions can be attained with stunning results.